Sean Wytrwal, Senior Portrait Photographer in Shirley, MA

Black and white headshot of Sean Wytrwal of J&S Photography in MassachusettsHi, I’m Sean,
the Senior Portrait pro at
J&S Photography!

One of my favorite parts of Senior Portrait Sessions is getting to know each Senior that spends time in front of my camera—And I want to help you get to know me too! Here’s a bit of my story:


I came to the world of photography partly by accident.


Like you, I started really getting to know myself when I was in High School. This was when I discovered photography for the first time. I started taking photos constantly—My camera and I were inseparable. My family and friends really liked what I was creating, so I decided to follow this thread to see where it would take me.


I went to the Hallmark Institute of Photography and studied literally every genre of the medium that I could, as well as how to successfully run a photography business. Photography has been my whole world, and my passion, ever since.


Photo of Sean Wytrwal, high school senior portrait photographer, laying on a sidewalk in Massachusetts to get the perfect shot

Why Senior Portraits?


I absolutely love giving my clients a fun, personalized, and modern approach to Senior Portraits. I’ve experienced the drag of your typical “Sit here in front of this boring backdrop and smile” school photos, so I love to offer a fresh perspective. This is a super exciting time in your life, so let’s celebrate it!


Ever since starting my own business, I’ve always known that I really loved Senior Portrait Sessions. I’m always challenging my own limits and pushing the bar to create something new and dynamic each time. No two Sessions are alike!


I love the technical side of creating eye-catching images, but I also love chatting with every Senior, learning about their lives, and hearing what they’re looking forward to as they go off into the world. I love seeing them get excited about the photos we create together, knowing that they’re enjoying an amazing opportunity to fully express themselves.


Those opportunities really are priceless in a world where you have the stress of exams, college applications, and deciding what career you want to have. Every moment to remember why YOU matter, matters.


Family portrait of the Wytrwal family in a field of green grass in Massachusetts

Fun Facts You Should know About Me:

+ I love aviation, and before I found photography I wanted to be a pilot. I even have 20 logged flight hours!


+ I’m very handy—I custom build all of the sets in my photography studio, and build computers too.


+ The lights of my life are my wife, our 3 kids, and our 2 dogs. We’re a lively bunch!


+ One of my favorite places in the world is my family’s vacation home in the White Mountains in NH.


+ I’m a huge fan of the Marvel movies. If I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be Guardians Of The Galaxy. You can’t beat the hilarity and the soundtrack!


+ Favorite food to make AND eat? Texas BBQ, hands down.


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